Best portable blender deals online

With innovation in kitchen appliances, you can finally get some portable blenders. Portable blenders will save space on your kitchen counter; also, you can carry them anywhere with you. These portable smoothie blenders are lightweight, compact, and powerful. Let’s look at the best portable blenders you can find in 2020 to make nutritious and healthy drinks.

Here Are The Six Best Portable Blenders we found Online

Six portable compact blenders online
Six portable compact blenders

(1) PopBabies Portable Blender For Smoothies

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Pop Babies portable Blender

PopBabies Blender is a low-cost, rechargeable via USB blender. You can blend and grind the fruits, baby food, and protein shakes in it. The 14 ounces jar has a secure lid, and it allows you to drink directly after blending. Its motor is powerful enough to crush ice, frozen foods, and coffee beans.

This best portable blender for smoothies has a perfect size to fit in a case. Thus, it is easy to carry, lightweight, and compact. It is a portable battery-operated blender, which is handy and hassle-free. Further, its unique feature is that you can charge it while blending.

(2) Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

Ninja portable blender has 900 watts of power to crush fruits and vegetables. Its Ninja Pro Extractor blades crush through ice, skins, seeds, and stems to give a powerful extraction performance. These features help in making the drinks nutritious and smooth with even consistency.

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The twist-on sip and secure lids allow you to take the drink with you anywhere. Further, it is easy to wash in a dishwasher by removing its parts. All the pieces are BPA-free and easy to store.

(3) Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender

This Hamilton smoothie blender is one of the best portable blenders. This small and compact blender is easily storable at home or portable for traveling. It features a 175 watts motor that offers fast, reliable, and easy one-touch blending.

Equipped with a travel mug with a lid, you can drink directly from the jar after blending. So, you do not have to face the hassle of finding cups. The stainless steel blades have ice-crushing power and make great smoothies.

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender is convenient to use and delivers a healthy and delicious drink. The measuring lines in front of the jar help you in mixing up the ingredients with little hassle.

(4) BlendJet One Portable Blender

BlendJet One Blender is a portable battery operated blender. This mini blender has a single-serve design, which can blend almost 8-12 beverages per charge. Also, the six stainless steel blades crush ice and mix fruits to serve a smooth and consistent drink.

Charging it as easy as it can be, you can recharge it via a USB cable in the car or even with a laptop. With a lid, strainer, jar, and base, it is an ideal blender to carry around and make smoothies. The plastic container is BPA-free and easy to clean.

(5) LaHuko Portable Blender

LaHuko Portable Blender is the best small portable blender you can get. Made with food-grade material, it offers fresh and delicious drinks anytime and anywhere. Designed for portability, it weighs around 350 grams with a 380 ml capacity.

Further, it can make about 18 cups of juices in one go with its 2000mAh battery capacity. The battery only takes three hours to get fully charged. Its one-click operation makes it easy to use anytime and anywhere.

The six stainless steel blades crush small ice cubes, seeds, and frozen fruits smoothly. Also, the hidden design of the blades makes it safe. It protects your fingers from any cuts while cleaning. The minimalistic, super light, and stylish design take care of your fitness with convenience.

(6) TOPQSC Portable Blender Glass

TOPQSC Portable Blender is a high-quality and efficient blender. It retains maximum nutrients and makes the quickest healthy drinks within 20-30 seconds. The 7.4V dual power motor, 4-pointed sharp stainless steel blades that rotate at 16500-rpm speed, enhances this blender’s power.

Two 2600mAh batteries, once charged fully, can make drinks for about 15 to 20 times. By pushing the “on button” for 2 to 3 seconds, the blender starts crushing fruits and making smoothies. After almost 45 seconds, it turns off automatically to save power. Further, it has used high borosilicate glass for the cup’s construction. This glass is durable, heat-resistant, and robust than ordinary glass. This smoothie blender is also easy to clean by separating the cup’s body and base.