Best Truck Accident Lawyer Attorney in San Antonio

Truck Accidents in US

Truck accidents are just as fatal and dangerous as they sound. Many locals seek Truck Accident Lawyers Attorneys SATX for help with these cases. In US, more than 500,000 truck accidents occur every year with about 5000 deaths in a year. The severity of accident varies from case to case; depending on the size of truck, vehicle involved- bike, car etc.

18 Wheeler Truck Accident can result in property damage, mental trauma and of course, physical health damage. The cost of health recovery along with vehicle repairs can be significant and financially draining. This is further aggravated by the post-treatment care if required after the treatment. The post-effects of truck accident can also include loss of income.

The Consequences of 18 Wheeler Truck Accident

In a nutshell, the financial and mental stress of a truck accident can be life-changing. However, you can save yourself from the financial strain of this entire tragic incident by claiming compensation for your damages. An experienced attorney can help you claim compensation for repair damages, health treatment and any loss of income resulting from the accident. However, truck accident is not similar to a normal road accident.

Best Truck Accident Lawyer Attorney in San Antonio
Best Truck Accident Lawyer Attorney in San Antonio

The dynamics of a truck accident are very different from that of a car accident. The laws and regulations involved are very different and it takes an experienced attorney to file a case on your behalf. Lucky for you, by the end of this article, you’ll be well-aware of the top truck accident lawyers in San Antonio that you can trust for this tragic truck accident. But, before that, first you need to know your role in case of a truck accident.

What you need to do – Call 911

This is the first thing that you should be doing in case of a truck accident. Call 911 and have the police record the whole incident. This will also get you necessary medical aid in that moment. The police will take statements and record the details of the accident. This report has great significance for later on during the court trial.

Note down the essentials

If you can, note down the essentials of the scene, such as license plate number of the truck, identity information of the driver, information of any witness and phone numbers. You can rely on the police to record this information, but if you can, it’s better to have it saved for record.

Take pictures

Visual evidence holds great importance in court so if you’re physically capable of taking pictures after the accident, you must. Take pictures of the license plates, the road and any other importance area of the scene.

Save the Bills

If you plan on filing a case for compensation, you must save the bills for your medical treatment as well as damage repair receipts. This will help you claim for the damages of the accident.

Finding the right Attorney

The final step is to find the right attorney for your case. Lets go through some top attorneys in San Antonio.

Alford and Clark Injury Attorneys

On top of our list, it’s the Alford and Clark Injury Attorneys, a firm of two experienced lawyers familiar with truck accident laws in San Antonio. With a portfolio of multiple seven-figure settlements, Alford and Clark are your good choice! They will help analyze every detail of your case and plan accordingly. You can book a free consultation session with them to learn about your options and chances of winning the claim. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the fee lost. They do not charge until you win the case. Sounds risk-free then, no?

Barrus Injury Lawyers – Uber Accidents

This is another promising firm that you can trust for your unfortunate truck accident case. Barrus Injury Lawyers is a team of experienced attorneys who can help you claim compensation for your truck accident. The firm offers incredible resources, knowledge and experienced to help you claim compensation for your accident. Their practice area includes truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, Uber accidents and wrongful death.

Barrus Injury Lawyers holds and impressive portfolio of over $2 Million dollar settlements in truck accidents till date. They offer expert guidance throughout the case where an experienced attorney helps you understand your options better. Get their unique free five star evaluation for your case where they study and evaluate your case on 5 governing parameters.

The Caquias Law Group

When looking for truck accident attorney in San Antonio, The Caquias Law Group is a firm you can trust. A team of experienced lawyers available to tap into their extensive experience, knowledge and resources to help you claim compensation for your damages in truck accident. The firm has won many great awards for their successful trial and experience. The Caquias Law Group deals in many domains of persona injury claims. Attorneys at The Caquias Law Group are well-aware of San Antonio’s laws and regulations regarding truck accidents. Plan your consultation session with them and experience their support and guidance free of cost. They have won settlements of over $1 million till date. This speaks volumes about their expertise.

Crosley Law Firm – Truck Accident Lawyers Attorneys SATX

Crosley Law is a renowned name in San Antonio for experienced attorneys with an impressive history of helping victims of truck accidents. Offering legal services in Houston, San Antonio and throughout Texas, Crosley Law firm is a team of experienced attorneys who take keen interest in your case and stick by your side throughout the case.

Their involvement and support is a recognized quality for which thousands of truck accident victims have chosen them over other law firms in San Antonio. Having secured a settlement case of $28 million for one of their truck accident client, they stand great chance in helping you win compensation for your damages. Choose this firm and be prepared to have a law firm go an extra mile for your case.

Hernandez Law Office – Truck Accident Lawyers Attorneys SATX

For a truck accident, you not only need an experienced law firm, but you need someone who is well-aware of the laws in San Antonio. For this, Hernandez Law Office is great option for they offer extensive experience of truck accident settlements in San Antonio.

The team at Hernandez Law Office is led by attorney Hernandez himself, who holds a 10.0 Superb rating by Avvo for his professional excellence and successful portfolio. Working with Hernandez, you can be assured that you are in great hands. The firm is familiar with the laws of San Antonio and can help you strategically plan your steps under expert guidance. They are available 24/7 to assist your queries and questions.

Khattar Law

One of the oldest law firms operating in San Antonio, Khattar Law firm has been in business since 1991. Since then, they have secured settlements of over $1 million till date. Khattar Law firm is a team of 5 experienced attorneys, 7 paralegals and a dedicated staff. Lawyers at Khattar Law firm are willing to go extra mile for your compensation.

This dedicated attitude has enabled them to have their impact over thousands of truck accident victims. Khattar Law firm offers free consultation session to guide your regarding your options. If you decide to proceed, they will study and analyze all relevant documents and details to plan your case. Lawyers at Khattar Law firm are trained by HIPAA to study the intricate details of the case, maximizing your chances of winning the compensation.

Law Office of Dennis L. Richard

The last in our list, Law Office of Dennis L. Richard, is a name you can trust for your truck accident case in San Antonio. Attorney Dennis L. Richard offers an extensive experience of over 40 years, having secured millions of dollars in compensation for accident victims. Mr. Dennis is a lawyer you can trust for your case.

He offers individual attention and support, offering your expert personalized guidance at every step of your case. If you want an attorney who is experienced, familiar with the laws of San Antonio and takes interest in your case, then Law Office of Dennis L. Richard would be a good fit.

Thousands of US citizens have trusted him for their claims, which testifies the credibility of this law firm. With an experienced renowned lawyer like him, you are more likely to receive compensation from the insurance agencies involved, for they’d prefer a settlement than standing against an experienced attorney like Dennis L. Richard.

Joe Gamez Law Firm – Truck Accident Lawyers Attorneys SATX

Joe Gamez Law Firm has been in business for over 40 years & represent people in and around San Antonio. They specialize in vehicular accidents and personal injury. They fight hard for their clients and believe in getting the best compensation possible. They make you feel like family and offer great advice during your most trying times.

They offer completely free consultation. You can also contact them through their website to get advice or easily book an appointment. Before you call your insurance company, Its best to call the Joe Gamez Law Firm.

They are Located at: 1119 Fresno San Antonio, TX 78201

Telephone: 210-951-2024

Take away notes – Truck Accident Lawyers Attorneys SATX

Choosing the right lawyer for your Truck Accident Lawyers Attorneys SATX is a crucial step in the entire process of claiming compensation for your damages. This step determines the success of your compensation. However, the success of the firm is not the only parameter to consider. The attitude of the lawyer and their willingness to go extra mile are other aspects to consider.

Whether you’ve lost a loved one or you’re claiming compensation for your own health and vehicle damages, the whole incident in traumatic and financially draining. In this tough time, it is important to choose a law firm that makes this time easier for you. Compassionate lawyers will not only maximize your chances of winning the compensation, but will also be a source of comfort and support for you in this tough time.

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