best online communities for people dealing with depression

Mental health forums


This forum was found in the year of 2009 by Diarmuid and Oisin Scollard in the memory of their brother who had suicided due to mental health issues. They planned to create this online space where people could share the battles and hardships they are facing in their everyday lives.

Turn2Me hosts all kinds of support groups to help people cope up with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, stress management, and general mental issues. This site is available to everyone over the age of 18, it is not confined to any religion, political service and the services they provide with is completely confidential and anonymous, with no judgment whatsoever.

Mental Health America

This forum for mental health is one of the top non-profit organizations of America, that encourages the topic of mental health. They have a number of services to offer that includes different kinds of discussion forums.

The basic aim of this firm is to connect and join all the families, friends, supporters, inspirations and patients altogether to create a positive environment for everyone. They even deliver other online resources such as seeking self-help and blogging opportunities.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Anxiety and Depression Association of America delivers a widespread list of information on the topic of anxiety and even has an online one on one support group. The basic goal of this forum is to deliver a benevolent and user-friendly environment for people who are going through depression and are unable to share it with their loved ones.

When you join these groups, you are immediately connected to the people going through the same issues as you, through apps, etc. You can even look for a therapist on this site, that would help you cope up with this problem the right way.

7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea might be the best forum if you’re looking for the utmost support from peers, trained professionals, etc. This forum helps deal with individuals with issues like anxiety and depression. It has an excellent place to share your experiences about general anxiety, panic attacks, coping skills, medications, and phobias, etc.

It is the best forum to be social and share your problems with people who might have already faced it too and share experiences of how they’ve dealt with the same issues.


This forum offers peer-to-peer groups to support people in managing issues like stress, fear, phobias, and disorders such as OCD, etc. Joining these supports group is completely free of cost.

The participants of the support group are also offered treatment from professionals, meeting other individuals and share stories of one another. They have called the tribe a safe and secure social place. You can join forums or talk on live chats to speak your feelings and vent.

Daily Strength

This forum consists of a number of support groups too, as well as one individually for anxiety. It is usually active on a daily basis and informs you of how many people are online too.

 You can be a part of it after signing up, and share your stories while being anonymous to the public.  Individuals can even create their own groups if they have a topic they would like to talk about, specifically.

This forum aims to bring individuals together who are trying to battle with depression and mental issues. It’s a safe socializing place for family, friends, and co-workers to create a pathway of guidance towards the light.

Unlike other forums, this forum lets you join as many groups as you desire. You can join groups with topics like food allergy, video game addiction, bullying stress, etc.

International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression:

The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression is an NGO that is devoted to the taboo called depression and how to cope up with it. iFred even accepts donations in order to enhance its forum by funding education initiatives and bring enhance their depression researches. 

The Depression Center

 An advanced online community that has a program for visitors to deal with and manage their problems such as depression. After signing themselves up, users can join and chat with others, and create certain aims and goals for them to achieve by the end of the month. It even delivers a forum for asking some expertise questions as well as anxiety and depression tests.