Best Netflix Originals

Netflix continues to stream its original movies and TV shows on the platform. An impressive list of the must-watch Netflix original movies keeps expanding over time. Now, you can find almost every genre, from action to psychological thrillers, on Netflix. The following list comprises of the best Netflix original movies worth your time in 2020.

8 Of The Best Netflix Original Movies Streaming Online

I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a novel’s adaptation to the movie by Charlie Kaufman. A psychological thriller, bound to get your head in a spiral. In snowy weather, a young woman heads to her boyfriend’s home to meet his parents. On a secluded farm, this ordinary family trip turns into something sinister. Reality blurs; it becomes hard to distinguish between consciousness and deception. This Netflix original movie will keep you on the edge of your seats.

The Half Of It

The best Netflix original movies list is incomplete without The Half of It. Alice Wu has changed the rules for sappy love stories with this movie. It has a classic beginning with a girl meeting boy, feeling sparks, and then facing heartbreak. However, it has an unconventional ending where no one gets together. The plot revolves around the reality of life and friendship. It shows an honest picture of life without making the audience upset.


Uncorked is a story of love, success, loss, and determination. Set in the background of Memphis, Tennessee, it displays the struggles of a boy who wants to become a sommelier. Caught between his ambition and parents’ expectations, he has a hard time pursuing dreams. The movie shows the sacrifices one has to make to achieve their goals. It is a wine tale that will teach you about life’s trajectory, relationships, and following passion!

Horse Girl

Don’t be misguided by the name of this Netflix original movie. It has nothing to do with horses but instead unveils some disturbing truths about mental illnesses. Directed by Jeff Baena, Horse Girl is about a woman going through a mental breakdown. The woman has lost her sense of reality, and it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction. This movie plays with your mind and rattles your nerves. With an ambiguous ending, it leaves you with lots of questions. You have to connect the dots and settle for a conclusion yourself.

Dangerous Lies

With an obvious title, Netflix’s Dangerous Lies tells you the consequences of believing the one you should not. Taking care of a rich older man, a wife inherits his money and home after his death. That’s when a tale of lies and perilousness starts. The wife suspects her husband of being greedy for her wealth. Meanwhile, someone else, with malicious intent, takes advantage of the situation. The plot twists around with bizarre details, which does not even make sense sometimes. However, it does fulfill the aim of the movie.


An action-packed Netflix original movie, Extraction has it all that takes it to make a good action thriller. From gunfights to car chases, this movie keeps you up on your toes. Set in a foreign location, it starts with a mission to rescue and extract a drug lord’s little son. The protagonist goes through a wild journey to complete his mission and risks his own life. Will he succeed? If yes, then at what cost? Answers to these questions make the ending intriguing for the viewers.


Adapted from his father’s life, Alan Yang has made his directorial debut with Tigertail. This Netflix’s streaming movie is a delicate balance between the past and the present. The journey of a man, which started in Taiwan and ended up in America, covers a detailed story of his life. It reflects upon his immigrant experience, loss of love, a passionless marriage, regret, and roots of identification.

Da 5 Bloods

Loaded with combat action within a historical setting, Da 5 Bloods initially seems like a simple story that turns into an exciting journey. Four Black War vets return to Vietnam to recover their leader’s body along with a shipment full of treasure they left behind in a jungle decades ago. The story dwells in between the past and the present, with characters meeting their younger self in flashbacks. This movie keeps you hooked until the end when they find the treasure, and a new confusion starts.