Best Habit Tracking Apps You Should Try In 2020

Fostering good habits is not a piece of cake. You need to work hard to change your patterns and reshape your behavior. Therefore, you can use some extra help from the habit tracking apps to build good habits and discard bad ones. Here are some of the best habit tracking apps recommended for you to try in 2020.

8 Of The Best Habit Tracking Apps


Habitify is a simple, elegant, and well-designed habit tracking app. The interface is pleasing yet easy to use. It shows you a list of your prioritized habits for the day. Once you have acted upon it, it lets you complete it. Detailed graphs and tables help you track your progress.

Moreover, it has an inbuilt dark mode to relieve your eyes from any strain. This habit tracking app is available for both iOS and Android users in free and premium versions.


Inspired by RPG, Habitica is the best habit tracker for gaming enthusiasts. Set as a video game, it offers you incentives and rewards when you complete an objective. You can build your character and customize its avatars by maintaining your desired habits.

This habit tracking app makes it fun to foster a habit. You can also team up with other Habitica users or collaborate with your friends through this app. In collaboration, you can complete missions and group goals together. This motivates each user and encourages them to follow their objectives. However, if anyone of you fails to achieve the goal, all will suffer the damage.

It is a free habit tracker app, but you can purchase gems for the game. Also, a paid group plan helps you gather your colleagues or family on board.

Streaks App

Streaks app is one of the best apps for iPhone and Apple devices. It motivates you by building a 12-day streak to maintain and track your habits. With a customizable interface, it becomes easy to assort your goals and assign days for their completion. You can set reminders and timers for practices too.

Combined with the Apple Health app, the Streaks app doubles up its performance efficiency. You can develop healthy habits with ease by integrating these two apps. So, Streaks sends you reminders, suggestions and keep you on track. It does not let you distract from your goals.


Featuring a clean, sleek, and professional user-interface, Strides has all the qualities to become the best habit tracker. Its way of tracking habits and goals sets it apart from other habit tracking apps. You can set up streak goals and habit goals and track their progress.

Long-term goals become achievable by creating 30-day streaks. Also, it reminds you of the daily, small habits’ completion. You can quantify the number of performance times for each practice or goals. Moreover, it helps you track an average for your habits. is a unique habit tracker that offers an online supportive community and coaches. Like other habit tracking apps, it does let you set up habits and track them. But, it stands apart by providing more value with a community and coaching.

For any common habit, you will most probably get a discussion in the community section. It will motivate you and support you where you will struggle. Moreover, if you want personalized training, you can hire a coach from the coaching section. The coach will be regularly in touch with you and ensure that you are working on your habits.

Productive Habit Tracker

Another habit tracking app for iOS and Apple devices is Productive habit tracker. It has an easy to use and well-designed interface that helps in tracking habits thoroughly. With a simple design, you can start right away and schedule your habits within seconds.

The app allows you to track, maintain, and improve your habits. With facile yet comprehensive features, it has it all to measure your habit development.


One of the best free habit tracker apps for Android and iOS is Habitshare. It is a combination of a social networking site and a habit tracking app. This app allows you to share your practices and goals with your family and friends. You can check in on them and motivate each other to foster good habits.

The social options present in this app are rare and unique. You can communicate via messages with your friends. Moreover, if you love your privacy, you have an option to disable social networking from the habit tracker.

Loop Habit Tracker

Loop is an open-source habit tracking app for Android devices. It has all the expected qualities of a habit tracker, from scheduling habits to setting reminders and keeping up with your progress.

One quality that stands it out from other habit trackers is its “Habit Score.” It gives you a score for the habits you have done so far. If you miss a few days, your score will go down. So, Loop helps in keeping up with your progress and sticking to a habit.